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Hypnosis: Case study

I love having the dual title of Coach and Hypnotherapist. This allows to me to work with clients from a logical and an emotional point of view, involving their left and their right brain for deeper and more permanent changes. Coaching is more about planning and setting goals while Hypnosis is more about eliminating the inner-blocks or self-sabotage behaviors that makes us feel like we are driving a car with the brakes on.

What is hypnosis? It sounds weird

Hypnotherapy is NOT putting you to sleep and changing your mind. It’s actually quite the opposite. As a hypnotherapist, I awaken people for the big lie that they are not enough or not capable. I might do that with coaching but working with the subconscious mind is way faster and goes beyond the obvious. Today, I thought I would share the example of some of some of my clients.

Client #1, P., is a therapist with twenty years of experience who attracts clients who can’t pay her. She is making less than $5000/month in the Bay Area and can’t support herself. We use a tension she feels in her body when she says she wants to be rich and go to the first time she felt that way. An image of her as a 4-year-old appears. She is hiding under the kitchen table and her dad is screaming. He complains about “the rich people” who take advantage of “hard-working poor people” like him. The client inner child wants to please her father who she adores and promise herself, she will never be like those “rich people”. Fifty years later, she is still true to her promise. My client has a conversation with her 4-year-old self and explains her that you can be rich and a good person. One month later P. earns $10K for the first time and two years later she buys her dream house in San Francisco.

Client #2, C. is a mortgage broker. She is absolutely exhausted and works 60 to 80 hours per week. We quickly identify that one of her problems is she can’t say No. Her imagination takes her back to a memory of being a rebellious 8-year-old. Her Moms ask her to practice her piano. She refuses. Mom takes a broom and breaks it on her back. She stops saying no after that and totally forget the trauma at the conscious level. I guide a dialogue between Mom and 8-year-old C. during which she challenges her mom, stand up for herself and set boundaries. Her work load becomes way lighter after that and she becomes more productive because she’s able to focus on what is important.

Client #3 , M., is a smart educated woman who can’t understand why she can’t get hired by big tech company like Google. When she closes her eyes and senses this desire, a 78-year-old version of herself appears. She is strong, powerful and has landed very high-level executive positions in big name companies. Clients sees that older version of herself in her mind and describe her as rich, powerful, but lonely and dry. Client sees another version of her older self in the background. That version is loved, surrounded by friends, having fun. She moves her awareness in this version and realize she chose a different path. M. is now creating her own non-profit.

Client #4 , J., is an entrepreneur who wants more clients, but stays timid in his approach, preventing him from getting the financial success that he wants. He feels judged and not good enough. This belief comes from his Dad who wanted him to become a Doctor. The pattern started before that though. His dad was judgmental because of his own father who was judged himself. J's imagination takes him back through the generations and he lands in ancestral Japan when one of his ancestors is a maid working for a Samurai. She is not good enough to be noble and is rejected by her own family for working in the palace. She receives wisdom and healing from her guardian angel. J. receives the wisdom and energy healing through the generations. He steps up in his business feeling loved, supported, and encouraged by his ancestors.

I can go on and on giving more examples, but I want you to realize that what is standing between you and your success might not be the obvious. Some of my clients visit past lives or even in between lifetimes. It might feel Woo Woo and you might wonder if those places your imagination will take you are real. I don’t know. After all I’m a PhD in Biochemistry who used to work for the French Atomic Energy Commission and I now guide people through their feelings into their imagination. I will always believe in the power of science and logic, but I also realize the gifts found in spirituality and esoteric sciences. After all, who cares what is real or not. If you are stuck, you probably want to get unstuck. If you are sabotaging yourself, you’ll want to move forward again. If you are hurting, you’ll want to feel better. The how is not so important. You just have to find the tools and the person to help you. If it’s me, contact me fab@fabyoulicious.com.

Dr. Fabienne Slama (AKA Fab), FabYOUlicious

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Transformation Coach and Un-hypnotist, I awaken magical humans from the lie that they are too much or not enough. We play on the subconscious level, healing family traumas, past lives and reparenting inner children. My goal: helping you remember the fabulous, limitless, confident sparkle of joy that you are, so you can manifest success at home and work. Learn more: fabyoulicious.com

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