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Coach, therapist, mentor, hypnotherapist. Who to work with? When? And for what purpose?

Let’s me start by stating the obvious: We all need help at a point or another in our life.

I know that if you are reading this post, you are probably a strong, independent, smart person and as an entrepreneur you are driven, tenacious and able to juggle many roles successfully. This being said, no one can be good at everything and occasionally, we need support, guidance, and help to feel happier, more productive and fulfilled in our work and life.

Here are few “But” statements I would like to address:

  • “But, I’ve always been taking care of everything myself”. True and you can continue doing that. I will get exhausting after a while. On top of that, no one knows everything about everything. If you approach the same problem from the same angle over and over, you might miss something. After all, the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome.

  • “But, I talk to my friends, family…”. Great and they probably want the best for you, but they are not professionals. Friends will often prefer pleasing you by telling you everything is perfect than losing your friendship. They also will share their opinion according to their own experience. Except that you are not them and that the solution that worked for them doesn’t always apply to you.

  • “But, I’m okay. I’m not crazy… broken…”. Exactly, you are perfect the way you are, and the role of a professional is not to change who you are but instead to help you express the best version of yourself.

Now that we have cleared that out of the way, you may want to get some extra support to be more successful.

  • “But, there are so many type of professionals. I don’t know who to choose and what for”. Wonderful! It’s true we are all different depending on our title and our style. Here is a little summary on whose who and how to choose the right professional depending on your need.

I might be getting little bit stereotypical to be clearer, and I apologize in advance to anyone who feel offended by any of those definitions.

The Therapist: Talking and Analyzing

They are the one to go to when you are stuck to the point of not being able to function in your life. Definitely seek the help of a therapist if you get depressed and think about hurting yourself or if you are so anxious that you can’t get outside of your home without a panic attack. Also go to a therapist if you have been diagnosed with personalities disorders like schizophrenia or bipolarity.

A therapist is also a wonderful professional if you need to express how you feel and need someone neutral to listen to you and help you think differently about a situation.

The Mentor. Been there done that. They have been in your shoes and are successful in their industry. They are the best to push you to follow in their footstep. They have experienced what worked and didn’t worked and will allow you to avoid mistake.

The Coach. Thinking beyond the obvious and pushing forward

As a certified transformation coach, I will ask you questions and challenge you to think outside of the box. I will also share tools to help you be more successful in your business or your personal life. For example, when working with an entrepreneur afraid of failure, I might ask them to identify all the success they had in life so far. Try it! It’s a great exercise to remind you of how amazing you are. As a coach, I might also help you to structure your business plan, ask questions to identify your limiting beliefs, help you establish new strategies and teach you how to organize your day for more balance.

The Hypnotherapist. Looking beyond the obvious.

I love having the dual title of Coach and Hypnotherapist. This allows to me to work with my client from a logical and an emotional point of view, involving their left and their right brain for deeper and more permanent changes. A hypnotherapist will help you look beyond the obvious. Self-sabotaging? Maybe you’re afraid of being visible because someone made fun of you as a kid? Hitting a plateau and feeling stuck? Maybe someone told you that wanting more was a bad thing. I’m always surprised by how our subconscious mind will impact our behavior. I will give more example in my next blog but for now, if you want to identify how to unlock your inner blocks and manifest more success at home and at work, contact me: fab@fabyoulicious.com.

Dr. Fabienne Slama (AKA Fab), FabYOUlicious

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Transformation Coach and Un-hypnotist, I awaken magical humans from the lie that they are too much or not enough. We play on the subconscious level, healing family traumas, past lives and reparenting inner children. My goal: helping you remember the fabulous, limitless, confident sparkle of joy that you are, so you can manifest success at home and work. Learn more: fabyoulicious.com

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