• Tracey Lee Davis

Black Lives Matter

At WNA we strive to be an organization in which all business owners can receive the support they need to be successful.  The news regarding the abhorrent treatment of Black and African-Americans has disheartened and outraged us. We believe that silence is not an option. We do not tolerate acts of discrimination or violence against members of the Black and African-American community, and we stand together with our WNA members who identify with this community. We see you. We hear you. And we will continue to support the success of your business, and of you, personally. In addition, we are saddened by the destruction of businesses, especially small businesses, around the country. We want to ensure that we are poised to support any of our members who may be impacted. We all have a lot of emotions right now. Anger, despair, rage, disgust, shame - the list goes on. And every one of them is valid. We recognize that emotions can be paralyzing, and we encourage you to embrace your emotions - sit with them, and process them. And then take action.  For our Black and African-American members, here are some resources to support you and your businesses:

For Allies, here are some things you can do to help right now:

We continue to evolve our organization to meet the needs of our members. We want to open the door to support any of our members who may have been impacted by recent events. We are here to help, not just in words, but in action.  We are here for you. We stand by you. We will fight alongside you. You are not alone. Respectfully Yours, The Executive Board and The Diversity & Inclusion Council

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