• Tracey Lee Davis

3 Tips for Handling Rejection Professionally

Have you been in this scenario: your website got a professional makeover, your products and services are spiffed up and ready to sell, and you open your doors waiting for that first client to find you. You’ll have some sales, some inquiries about your products and services, and some sign ups to your email list. But then you’ll get feedback from people who don’t take that next step to hire you. Or the sales of your products will slow down to a trickle. You’ll get myriad reasons why prospects don’t sign on but it’s hard not to take that rejection personally.

Remember that they are not rejecting YOU personally; they are simply not ready right now to hire a coach (or buy your products or sign up for your services). How you handle this rejection will foretell how your business will grow over the years.

1. Thank your prospects for their feedback. Many people shy away from giving negative feedback but it can only help you in the long run. Don’t be afraid to ask that question because how can you improve if you don’t know why you received that rejection? This is not the time to blacklist them on social media; quite the opposite. Continue following them, respond to their posts and comments, and show them and the world that you are available when they change their mind about coaching.

2. Offer a lower-priced option. If a prospect can’t afford your 1:1 services, suggest a group program, your eBook, or a home study course. You should have a library of products at varying price points so you can attract a wide array of clients, no matter what their economic level. If you don’t have a library yet, encourage them to opt-in to your email list so you can stay in contact and let them know when you have new products or services added.

3. Be consistent in your marketing efforts. Don’t throw in the towel simply because your sales have slowed down. Do the opposite: find new ways to reach your target market. Be proactive with making offers to your email list. Post more frequently on social media to increase your visibility. Take advantage of real life networking events to meet local business owners. It’s tough to build a business from the shadows so make a determined effort to come into the spotlight and toot your own horn.

Most importantly, have a follow up plan with anyone who has turned down your services. Maybe the timing isn’t right. Maybe they need to grow their own business before hiring you. Maybe they need to handle some family expenses first before focusing on their business. You just never know when the timing will become right, so always find a way to follow up or stay in touch.

Also, ask for referrals. The timing may not be right for Prospect 1 but maybe they know someone in their circle who would be your ideal client. It bears asking because you never know when a personal introduction can lead to your ideal client.

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