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2019 Community Projects - California Chapters

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Each year, our chapters select a non-profit organization to support, through some sort of community project. Some of our chapters volunteer together at an event, some hold donation drives, and others find different creative ways to give back. Regardless of the project they take on, all of our chapters take supporting their communities seriously and we are very proud of the contributions that our organization makes to local non-profits.

Chapter 111 in San Jose partnered with Girls on the Run. We helped them put together two projects of 200 each: Large ziplocks filled with materials for coach supply tubs, and fun tubs that each team gets for the 5K. We got to hear all about the great work they do with building up the self esteem of girls. We had a great time working with Kathleen and Laura!

Chapter 112 in Sunnyvale had President Doreen Jattan, Vice President Kimberley Leal with son Connor volunteering their time at the Annual Turkey Drive at The Police Activities League hosted by CityTeam this year. PAL has been raising funds to help local kids and the Turkey Drive for 5 years by President Jamal Newborn. Normally PAL is able to help around 150 families but this year teaming up with CityTeam, over 1500 families were helped.

Chapter 113 in San Jose had the pleasure of supporting Second Harvest Food Bank in 2019. 1 in 4 people in the Bay Area are in danger of going hungry. We gathered together non-perishables to be distributed to Bay Area families this holiday season. We have helped to feed the 250,000 people who benefit from SHFB every month by raising over 100 pounds of food!

Chapter 122 in Los Altos went to the Second Harvest Food Bank in San Carlos to sort food with four other groups. We were assigned to either make boxes from flat boxes or to place butternut, acorn, and spaghetti squash into the boxes. Each box was heavy, weighing in at 26 pounds each! We worked in teams with the four other groups with our team leaders. It was a fun time for all and was hard work that felt great to do as we were all making a big difference for our local community in getting much needed food to them. This was also a great time for us to get to know each other better, which was wonderful. As a group, we boxed over 41,000 pounds! In addition to our volunteering our chapter as a whole donated over 50 pounds of food to the food bank!

Chapter 126 in San Jose volunteered at the end of the season 5K for Girls on the Run in May. It takes over 250 volunteers doing everything from registration and trash collection to monitoring the course, so community support is vital. After months of weekly meetings and training where they worked on physical preparation as well as mental and emotional toughness and resilience, it was time for the girls - ranging from 3rd through 6th grades - to test themselves against the race course. Our contingent of WNA members were placed strategically at turns along the course to make sure the runners stayed on track. But even more important were out vocal cords. As each runner or group of runners came by, we would cheer them on, encouraging them to stay strong and finish the race. The girls were joined in the race by moms, dads, siblings, and coaches, for a total of over 4500 runners. That was a lot of yelling, waving of pom poms, and ringing of cowbells, but we could see the lift it gave those girls to know that we were cheering for them. It was a fun morning for the volunteers, and a moment of glory for the girls, knowing they worked hard and accomplished so much.

Chapter 140 in Cupertino chose to support The Grateful Garment Project (TGGP) in San Jose, helping to organize clothing for their annual inventory. When a person (woman, man or child) has been the victim of a sexual assault and a rape kit has been performed on them, they must also surrender their clothing for DNA evidence. Once all their clothing has been surrendered, often they are left with nothing to wear home other than a paper gown! TGGP provides these people with clothing, and other resources, so they can return home with something to wear so they can reclaim a little dignity and begin to rebuild their lives after such a traumatic event.

Chapter 150 did some community service this morning for the Alameda Food Bank, a charity that is local and near and dear to us locals! They have a huge influx of donations during the holiday season, and the local boy scout troop had just collected some huge tonnage of food over the weekend. We came in and helped sort and box what we could in 3 hours and made quite a dent! We also had some great girl-bonding-time and felt really good at the end.

And the organization as a whole also supports the community through our two signature events: the BRAVO Awarda and our Fall Mixer and Small Buisness Summit. This year, we collected donations for the YWCA Silicon Valley. They are dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. We collected items for their Survivor Care Kits, including toiletries, journals, clothing, and snacks at both of our events. These kits are given to those who are in need of care due to domestic violence and homelessness.

Between our 11th Annual BRAVO Awards in February and our 12th Annual Fall Mixer and Small Business Summit in September, we collected over $900 in cash donations as well as many, many bags worth of much needed items for their Survivor Care Kits.

We're so proud of the impact that our organization has had on our community and we look forward to the impact that the Women's Networking Alliance makes in 2020!

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