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Hosting Successful Events For Your Business

Hosting an event as a business owner is great way to engage your professional peers, current clients, and future clients. Sometimes formal meetings can feel very stiff and impersonal, but if you move that meeting to a fun environment and add a cocktail, now you are really getting to know someone.

You know that fear. You plan this event to perfection. The decor is beautiful, the lighting is perfect, the food is ready… and no one shows up. It’s happened to even the best of planners. While you may never be able to guarantee this won’t happen to you, there are things you can do to help minimize the chance of it happening.

Be Visible

Post the event on Facebook and share it. Sometimes guests don’t realize an event is happening because the host simply forgot to make the invite public. Your guests cannot share something that you haven’t published yet! I know you’re saying “But Brea, no one could possibly forget that.” All I have to say to that is there is a reason IT people always ask “Is it plugged in?” as their first question. Ok? Ok.

Updates Are Key

I like using Instagram to show progress on a project. If I’m putting something together for an event, I post pictures of the craft on Instagram to remind people that the event is happening. There is nothing wrong with a little guilt when people see how hard you worked on something to get them to go!

Find The Influencers

If you really think about it, you probably know at least one influencer. They can be that person who is always out and about and posting all over social media or just the most outgoing person in any friend group. Get a few influencers to talk about your event and you will increase the chance that those around them will engage as well. You never know who your next client will be!

Know Who Is Coming

Always, always, always get RSVP's. Even if the answer is “no”, you at least know what to expect. You won’t be surprised when 15 people show because you were only expecting 15. It’s also less likely that someone will cancel on an event at the last minute if they RSVP’d than if they never even said they would be there. It’s easy to not go to something you never said you would go to in the first place. If you are not doing RSVP’s, and you are selling tickets, make sure the ticket price is within the price range of your average guest. No one is going to pay $100 for a ticket to an event when their expendable income budget only allowed for $60. Think about who your guests are, not who you are.

Make It Worth The Trip

You will have quite a few “no” RSVP’s if the event does not offer enough of an incentive to go. Will there be an open bar? How about a DJ? Performers? Free food is always a big draw. “I want to talk about my business” is not a good enough reason for people to brave the Bay Area traffic no matter how much they like you. Make it worth it, and make sure to tell them what you are offering so they get excited about it.

Brea Carrillo, Owner Events by Brea, Chapter 114

Events by Brea is a boutique event planning company established in 2016. We serve the Bay Area and beyond with care and attention to detail. As full service planners, we do it all. Weddings, corporate parties, birthdays…you name it, we do it. We specialize in highly detailed, intimate gatherings that really let your style shine. Let us help you take your party to the next level. http://www.eventsbybrea.com/

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