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Practical Strategies for Preventing Failure

We all want to be successful, but that isn’t always easy to come by.

Businesses fail not because those running them are failures, but because those pedaling the vessel run out of energy, get discouraged and move on to something else. As the American philosopher Elbert Hubbard stated, “The only failure is no longer trying.”

Success is less about striking it big and more a story of perseverance. It’s the one who endures the most who realizes the most success.

In this light, a more poignant way of viewing failure is to see it instead as a result in and of itself – if you do not like the results you are getting, then you must change what you are doing. Strengthening yourself for the mission at hand becomes a key factor in this, since we are the only thing we can control.

It’s no secret that women business owners have much more on their plates than their male counterparts. This is a combination of many factors, as much how we’re individually wired as our social and gender roles, but it’s safe to say that, for most women, self-care is often seen as a selfish act that is more luxury than necessity.

I argue that, to succeed, women must see self-care as a primary essential task necessary to thrive. We cannot pour from an empty tank.

Since it can be difficult to figure out where to start, in this article I’ll share some practical strategies to fuel yourself.

1. Flip Your Thinking.

Success isn’t a matter of willing yourself to succeed. We need a complete mindset alignment toward the goal at hand, which requires an understanding of how human behavior occurs.

Consciously, we can process roughly 250 words per minute, yet subconsciously we can process about 1,200 words per minute, which is about four times faster than we can speak.

When we consciously decide to do something, we must have our subconscious on board – aka the place that all our information is stored, such as our abilities, our value, our worth, our motives, etc. Without this, our pursuits become a game of tug-o-war, four against one with us on the losing end.

Ultimately, what determines our behavior is simply information. Our behavior is driven by our emotions, which are the result of the endless streams of data we’re processing every minute of the day. Feelings of defeat and worthlessness can easily set in.

Difficulties and obstacles are a gift of being alive. Shortcomings and errors don’t need to derail us, especially when we realize these are the most valuable of experiences.

When we address our underlying thought patterns, we can make real progress in any aspect of our lives. This is often an extensive undertaking, but certainly one that must occur.

2. Forego Extra.

Success is not defined by how much we do, but by what we do well. This requires we keep strict boundaries and allow margin.

When we overcommit ourselves, we cannot give our best, and our overwhelmed underperformance is what defines us, eventually driving us to burnout.

Take a step back and evaluate all that is on your plate and purge the things for which you have little or no passion. As Emily Ley, founder of Simplified Planner, writes: “It’s okay to be a quitter when you’re choosing what matters most.”

Once you’ve released yourself from overcommitments, it’s imperative to maintain that margin going forward. Instead of having to rush off from meeting to meeting, allow buffer time to do the things that really matter – giving your best, building relationships and creating space in life, so you can actually enjoy the journey, which is what life is all about.

3. F.I.R.E. Up Your Wellness.

You’ve undoubtedly heard that exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. But this isn’t the full story of the benefits of exercise, nor does it shine light on the physical investment into yourself that’s necessary to thrive.

Just like you put your best effort into your business to help it grow, your body deserves the same respect. What we put into our bodies is what we’ll get out of them – so nurture it with quality food, plenty of rest and, of course, ample movement.

Stereotypically, women tend to lean more on cardio as a go-to exercise default, which is great because it improves our brain function and overall health and fitness. However, if you’re not incorporating strength training to add muscle – specifically, Focused Intense Resistance Exercise (F.I.R.E.) – you’re missing out on tremendous benefits.

The more muscle you have, the more energy your body will produce. This metabolic shift will also balance hormones, improve posture and confidence, and stave off illness – all things that make us more resilient and able to persevere. The better your body feels, the more likely you are to nurture and care for it. It’s the best kind of avalanching snowball effect.

To be clear, I’m not talking about bulking up like a bodybuilder. I'm talking about two rounds of five exercises twice a week to develop lean muscle and sustainably shift our metabolism, which is particularly imperative if your work has you sitting most of the day.

When paired with the right cardio exercise, this style of training will increase the number of calories you burn even when not exercising, and it will bring more balance to the body in the long run while taking less than two hours per week.

The key with any kind of information is to not let it overwhelm you. Take one small thing you can incorporate today and build upon it. It’s also important to remember we were made for community, so having accountability isn’t a sign of weakness, but an amplifier for our strength.

Above all, remember that you’re brave, capable and significant – even when it feels like you’re not! You have what it takes to thrive right where you are, especially when you’re investing into yourself.

Jennette Holzworth, 5:17 Total Body Transformations, Chapter 111

Jennette Holzworth is the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of 5:17 Total Body Transformations, a wellness company empowering busy women and entrepreneurs to realize their full potential. Through personal training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching and Functional Emotional Fitness™, 5:17 works to strengthen women physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to break through what’s holding them back so they can truly thrive. Learn more at www.517transformed.com

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