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6 Free Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Be Using

As an entrepreneur who as of right now runs three small businesses, I am absolutely in love with the possibilities smartphones give us. Yes, they are often a distraction, however, used properly they can serve as an amazing marketing tool.

Over the last few years, I’ve tested several different mobile apps that would help me stay in the game of creating interesting content for my Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, newsletter, and any other social media sites on which I need to stay present.

Today I will share six (mostly) FREE mobile apps every small business owner needs to start using TODAY!

If you don’t have your own marketing team or at least one specific person who does just that - takes care of creating the online content for your business - these apps will save your sanity and your business. Literally.

Grab these six free apps and become a social media content creating machine.

  1. RIPL - A marketing team in your pocket - this app lets you make very eye-catching slideshows. You can pick from a very large library of templates. You can customize those templates to fit your brand with different colors, fonts, transitions between slides and already-in-the-app music pieces. RIPL is the only app on this list that has a subscription fee of $10 per month for the full access to all templates and other features. I highly recommend at least trying it out

  2. CANVA – Never heard of Canva? Have you been living on Mars? This app is awesome! Period. I remember the days when I was designing my ads in Photoshop and it would take me hours to come up with something I liked. This app cut this time to 5 minutes tops. Canva is still best used on the desktop version. However, I’ve noticed each year they are getting better and better with their mobile app. The basic version for the app and desktop are free. This all I’ve ever used for my business. You can get prettier templates and images for $1 each if you want to. One of the most amazing things with Canva is that is has templates already sized properly for all social media sites, so you don’t have to worry about knowing the right dimensions. You need something for Twitter, pick the Twitter templates. You need to make a new cover for your Facebook page, there’s an option for that. Pinterest featured image. Yep! Kindle book cover, business card, blog graphics, banners, invitation, flyer… You name it. I created a beautiful eBook for my clients and it took me no more than an hour.

  3. SNAPSEED - this is the best pictures editing app available on the market (in my humble opinion). Before I discovered this app, I remember editing my images in three different apps to get to the effect I wanted. Remember, if you post images you took with your phone, you don’t want them to look awful. Very basic editing can make a regular image stand out.

  4. PHOTOGRID - this is a fun app. It has a lot of features. However the feature I recommend for online content is the collage creating option. You can make amazing collages with Canva and if that’s working for you, you should stick with it. With Canva you can only use images in your collages. Photogrid lets you use videos as part of the collage, too. I love that part!

  5. iMovie - should I explain why? Well, ok, I’m imagining some heads are nodding. iMovie is for VIDEOS! You must do videos for your business. The more, the better. Videos, slideshows, content that grabs your audience’s attention and holds it. I love the simplicity of iMovie. It has all the basic features you need to start making videos for your business. You might ask, “what is the difference between iMovie and RIPL?” Well, the latter lets you use only images, while iMovie is perfect for using movie clips and even voice over.

  6. UNSPLASH - it’s a library of absolutely free stock photos, even for commercial use! Why use Unsplash when you can use Canva instead? Well, I see where you’re going with this. And I totally understand. I hate having a bunch of apps that do the same thing but in a different way. The thing with Canva is most of the good images cost money ($1 per image). Unsplash has an amazing gallery of a wide array of images and they are all free.

When creating content, it is important to be consistent with your brand. It is important to be able to add your logo, and some of these apps let you do that with ease (like RIPL). It is also important to be able to use images. A lot of them! In your marketing materials, you should use images that look professional. At the same time, you don’t want to use pictures you don’t have permission to use, and I know many business owners always struggle with finding pretty pictures they can use in their marketing. Plus you don’t want to spend a ton of money each time you need a new picture for your Facebook page or Instagram. If you’re posting content regularly (and you should be), you might be looking at hundreds of dollars just to get images with licenses. In addition to that, you are probably going to spend hours of researching for the right pictures.

These apps I mentioned today will help you create amazing content with ease and in no time, plus they are super budget friendly. And that’s the part I like the most

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When once laughed at for wanting to work in a radio station, 10 years later she found herself working at exactly the station she wanted to work at as a teenage girl.

After being ridiculed for wanting to make a career as an artist, she was sent to a polytechnic to become a bookkeeper. About 10 years later, she opened a photography business.

While working on her master degree in Mass Media Education, she fell in love with gathering real people stories through radio interviews. Later she learned how to connect with people through photographs. With all that, she came to a conclusion she wants to tell stories through videos. (and hopefully a podcast soon!)

Today, Ewa helps business owners make their message heard in an authentic way. She helps them to connect with their ideal client through videos and eye-catching online content. http://ewasamples.com/

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