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All business professionals are invited to attend the Women's Networking Alliance's 14th Annual Fall Mixer and Small Business Summit!​

Our event will be virtual this year! Join us for two half-days of learning and inspiration for your small business. Our theme for the year is PERSEVERANCE. 
The first 100 registrants will get an event swag box!

Thursday, September 23

Friday, September 24

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT


This event will be recorded and all registrants will get a copy of the recording.


Thursday, September 23:


  •   9:00 Welcome

  •   9:15 Jessica Elix - Go around the wall and forge a new path

  •   9:45 Break

  •   10:00: Kerry Rosado - How to Persevere as an Inclusive Leader

  •   10:30 Break

  •   10:45 Networking Activity

  •   11:15 Break

  •   11:30 Amy Graves - How To Turn Digital Tools Into Dollars (even when overwhelmed by tech)

  •   12:00 Open Networking


Friday, September 24:

  •   9:00 Welcome

  •   9:05: Melinda Wells - Resistance The Key to Sustainable Change

  •   9:35 Break

  •   9:50 Rayna Neises - When You Care So Much it Hurts~ Avoiding Compassion Fatigue

  •   10:20 Break

  •   10:35 Networking Activity

  •   11:05 Break

  •   11:15 Kristina Rust - Your Personal Brand--Why It Is Important & How to Build It

  •   11:45 Raffle and Close

Our Speakers

Go around the wall and forge a new path

Jessica Elix* - Ignite Possibilities

Perseverance, grit and resiliency seem to come with owning and operating a small business. In business, and in life, roadblocks and walls pop up in our path. Oftentimes, it's a repeat roadblock - it's the same wall - that has been reconstructed again and again that gets in the way. So, instead of plowing through it and coming out the other side injured, broken down, and defeated, what would it look like to forage a new path around that wall?

How to Persevere as an Inclusive Leader

Kerry Rosado - Dyvergent Consulting Group, LLC.

We will discuss the 6 characteristics of an inclusive leader, how bias can impact our decision making, and how inclusion can give leaders a competitive edge.

How To Turn Digital Tools Into Dollars (even when overwhelmed by tech)

Amy Graves - AMG Innovative Consultants, inc

I opened my business March 2, 2020. 11 days later California shut down for the pandemic. I preserved and used the tools I had intended to teach clients and not only survived but came out SOARING.

Resistance The Key to Sustainable Change

Melinda Wells

What if resisting change was the key to moving forward? The spark needed to sustain breakthrough transformations. Navigating change is not always easy; causing your transformation to feel draining and impossible to reach, which can trigger the need to resist. According to SmallBusiness.Chron an average of 60% of employees want to reach for something higher, while the remaining 40% are satisfied with the status quo. Embracing change is not only a competitive advantage, but a significant part of personal growth. Resistance to change manifests itself from naysayers to sabotage to outright rebellion! Join me for a unique perspective on resisting change and how to effectively Embrace the Jerk.

When You Care So Much it Hurts~ Avoiding Compassion Fatigue

Rayna Neises - A Season of Caring

Compassion fatigue is real, whether you are in a serving profession, a parent, a family caregiver, or just wired to nurture and care for others.

What you do is important and when you reach the point of an empty tank you will find challenges everywhere you look- distraction at work, difficulty sleeping, exhaustion and frustration.

As an expert coach for professional women in a season of caring for aging parents, I will share 3 things that can help you keep compassion fatigue at bay or refresh you to continue caring today. With heart-warming stories with practical takeaways, you will find this presentation one to remember.

Your Personal Brand--Why It Is Important & How to Build It

Kristina Rust* - Kristina Rust Photography

Let's discuss what a personal brand is and the benefits of developing your personal brand. We'll also discuss the importance of building your online presence in order to grow your business.

* Denotes Woman's Networking Alliance Member
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