Women’s Networking Alliance Means Business


Each of our members owns and operates their own business, which presents tremendous opportunities, along with unique difficulties. When you are a part of WNA, you know that these women share many of the challenges and triumphs that you face on a regular basis. This common bond allows fellow business women to open up and share what’s really going on to get advice, encouragement, and comradery. Since 2007, WNA has been the place for women in Silicon Valley and beyond to help each other grow their businesses and succeed both professionally and personally.

"Relationship-based networking. Build relationships and your business will grow."

Women’s Networking Alliance Means Connection


Celebration of triumphs and support through struggles


  • The members of WNA support and encourage each other through the challenges and achievements that women who run businesses encounter while balancing friendships, family, self-care and all the other aspects of life.

  • When the buck stops with us, even small setbacks can derail our equanimity.  WNA offers members a safe place to be transparent. We know the real struggles of real women operating businesses.

  • When we meet a goal or realize a vision, WNA members are the cheerleaders who know our backstory. They celebrate our hard work and passion which pays off in triumphs both large and small.


Networking and Building Relationships


Building connections is essential to success in any industry. WNA provides a forum to share contacts and help grow each other’s businesses. By building one-on-one relationships outside of regular group meetings, WNA creates connections for both personal and professional growth. When we know each other’s strength, versatility, and perseverance, we feel confident passing each other’s information on in our personal and professional circles. A rising tide raises all boats. At WNA we help bring the tide in.

Encouragement and knowledge


It can be lonely at the top. We don’t need another place to have to keep it all together. When we face hurdles, either personal or professional, it impacts every part of our lives. Having a place to talk honestly provides a needed outlet and allows others who have overcome some of the same challenges give insights to those who may be facing them now.


Sharing our solutions helps others succeed. Laying ideas, hopes or frustrations before the group can give us perspective and insights we may not have been able to reach alone. By asking questions and offering solutions, the knowledge we gained through experience can benefit others at WNA. We tap into the knowledge and experience of women who have overcome great odds to be where they are now, and we have the chance to offer our own in return.


Celebrating our successes


Success stories encourage each of us to keep moving forward in the midst of our daily ups and downs. In every WNA meeting, each member to share what accomplishments they have achieved since the last meeting. By focusing on and sharing the triumphs that occur in our business – no matter how big or small – we not only encourage others but ourselves as well. The attitude boost makes us ready head into next day, week, month, filled with hope and gratitude.

Women’s Networking Alliance Means Asking Real Questions


What keeps you up at night? Ask other successful professional women:

  • How do others balance exercise and self-care with the daily needs of my business?

  • What goes into getting a website up and running?

  • How do I attract (and keep) quality employees?

  • How do I fire someone?

  • Can I balance the needs of my significant other and/or kids with the demands of my business?

  • Can I be friends with my employees? Why or why not?

  • What are the implications of tax and legislative changes on small businesses?

  • How can I market my business?

  • And more….

Women’s Networking Alliance Means You!


If you own your own business, join WNA to open the doors to connection, encouragement, and success.