For questions, suggestions for improvement and feedback, please contact Jessica Elix, Membership Director.


Through the years, the best method for recruiting other professional women in business with the “right” networking qualities is through referrals of our existing members. However, there have been several other ways that we have recruited new members to join including:

  • Membership Drives: Chapters can dedicate a meeting as a “Visitors Day” and request that all members invite 2-3 potential new members. Be careful to not duplicate existing businesses of members.

  • Recruiting During Community Events:   If you are doing an activity where you will be meeting other potential business owners, handing out information is a great way to introduce them to our organization.

  • Annual Mixer: Each year we hold a mixer and invite members and non-members to join us. During this meeting, we speak about our organization and the qualities that make us a unique and special organization to join.

  • Social Networking: Facebook, Meet Up, etc. are great ways to get people interested and aware of or our organization. You can post activities of your chapter, invite people to attend meetings and events that are sponsored by us.

  • Exchanging Ideas with other Chapter Presidents: During the course of the year, we will hold regular President’s calls to allow the Chapter Presidents to exchange ideas. We ask you to bring your ideas to the meetings and share them with the rest of the team.
  • Advertising: We have a strategic marketing program that is designed to promote all chapters. As business owners express an interest, we refer them to a chapter.


Potential members must:

...own their own business*;
...not be a part of an multi-level marketing company;
...not be in competition of any other member within the chapter she is potentially joining.

*Some exceptions apply such as realtors, insurance agents and financial planners who are individually licensed. Before committing to inviting a potential member to visit a chapter, feel free to contact us for advice.


We look for business owners who have a genuine willingness to help others succeed. Good listening skills, humility and the ability to put others first are common characteristics amongst all members. While recruiting for members, its important to ask them two important questions, “What can they contribute and what are their expectations of us?” The answer to those two questions should give you a good indication of their professional characteristics. We recommend a “mutually beneficial” interview with two board members and the potential member to ensure they will be happy with our organization. 

Inviting a guest to a meeting

  • Anyone can invite a guest to a  meeting providing they are not in competition with another member. They also need to be the business owner. (No MLMs)
  • If there is duplication of industry, forward the person’s information to us and we can help this person find another chapter. Or, potential new member can be put on wait list.
  • If in doubt, check with membership chair prior to inviting them so she can reach out to the board prior to the guest attending.
  • At the meeting, each guest is acknowledged as a visitor, and can give their own introduction at the meeting.
  • Both membership chair and person who invited guest should follow up with guest after the meeting to check interest level on joining the chapter, as well as answer any questions.

Interviewing Process

    • If guest is interested in joining, Membership chair must send an email to the board for approval

    • Membership chair and one other board member (preferably president) hold a conference call with guest (15 minutes).

    • Code of conduct is also addressed on the call as this will be something they will be signing when they register.

    • If the membership chair feels the guest would be a good fit, the membership chair will reach out to the board to ensure no conflict prior to inviting guest to join as a member.

    Offering Membership

      • If decision is made to onboard new member, membership chair sends welcome to email via our electronic invitation tool (wna click here; mna click here) that includes directions on how to register & pay online. Member should complete registration, sign code of conduct and make payment online prior to attending next meeting, especially if they have already visited twice.

      • Once they register online, they'll receive an email welcoming them as well as a link to the “Member Welcome Packet”.

      • Once they've paid, the new member will be approved and will automatically be added to the chapter page, our newsletter and the lead/referral system.
      • Membership chair needs to make sure new member gets added to evite, or other form of communication that the chapter uses to communicate.
      • New member is acknowledged at the next meeting as an official new member! 

          Dismissing a Member 

          Should the unfortunate situation occur where a member needs to be dismissed for conduct, attendance, non-payment of dues or otherwise, the situation should be handled in a highly confidential manner. Approval from the National Board must be granted before a member is asked to leave. Please contact your mentor so she can provide guidance. We try to remain consistent with these cases and each situation is always different. There is a cancellation of membership letter that can be sent from the home office in the event you can not reach the member to have a personal discussion. 


          Annual dues are paid upon joining and every year thereafter. Non-board member dues are $200, board member dues are $150 and chapter presidents dues are complimentary for the year they are serving.

          Financial Hardship:  Payment plans and scholarship programs are available for those who are having financial difficulty.

          Payment of Dues:  Upon joining, the home office will invoice the member. Dues must be paid immediately.

          Renewals:  Each year upon renewal, an invoice will be sent 30 days prior to the due date. The home office will take all necessary steps to collect dues, however, if dues are not paid in a timely manner, the Chapter President and Membership Chair will be notified for assistance.  A $25 late fee is assessed for anyone who is more than 30 day past due.

          Refund of Dues:  We are unable to cancel memberships once they have been paid your membership dues. There are no refunds of membership dues. 

          Chapter Meetings

          Agenda:  Our standard agenda has been created to keep the meeting flowing and give our members an opportunity to participate, however, you are free to make changes to as you see fit your for chapter. We ask that you keep the meetings under two hours which means time management and brevity on the part of all members is important.  We have an Agenda Creator (WNA click here, MNA click here).  The Agenda Creator will allow you to fill in the key parts of your next meeting and it will email the agenda to you.  You can make changes and then forward the agenda to your chapter. 

          Round Table Questions:  We recommend that one of the questions you ask at the beginning of every meeting is, "What was your greatest accomplishment since our last meeting?"  You can ask a second question to be answered immediately after the first.  We have a list of recommended questions here or you can ask a question that is directly related to the member spotlight or guest speaker.

          Meeting Etiquette:  Meetings should always start on time and end close to the stated time out of pure respect of everyone’s schedules. While we want to encourage questions, sharing and feedback, a close watch on the length of a “conversation” and need to take that “offline” can be a common recommendation. We also recommend that you request that all members put their phones on vibrate and store for the length of the meeting. 

          Member Spotlights:  At each meeting, one or two members are given the opportunity to give a 10 minute "commercial" of their business.  This is designed to give all members ideas on how to support and generate leads/referrals for them.   This is not a requirement of each member as some members may not feel comfortable getting up in front of the group, yet.  To schedule the member spotlights, we recommend pass around a sheet of all of the meeting dates and allow members to sign up.  As new members join, its the job of the education chair to ensure they are added to the schedule.  Further, the education chair should notify the home office of all dates and speakers so we can update the chapter page accordingly.  Lastly, our Member Spotlight Tip Sheet is a great way to give members an idea of the format of their spotlight.  

          Guest Speakers:  Guest speakers (non-members) should not be given more than a 20 minute speaking opportunity and are typically not compensated for their time. As a thank, you can order a gift for them in the Online WNA Store have it shipped to you prior to the meeting or we can ship it to them after the meeting. Guest Speakers should only speak on topics that are applicable to all of our members and MAY NOT speak on a subject that is represented by someone in that chapter. When in doubt of a subject that might be of concern, always check with the member. Guests are allowed to leave literature, their cards and promote their business but their primary reason for attending is to educate our members.

          Board Meetings

          Purpose of Chapter Board Meetings:  The bonding, collaboration and communication amongst the board is a critical success factor for creating a highly effective board. We recommend holding frequent board meetings to address issues, review activities and brainstorm on ideas to become a better chapter.

          Scheduling of Board Meetings:  Be sure to schedule the meetings in locations and at times that are convenient for all board members.  We recommend scheduling these meetings for the entire year to ensure its on the calendar of the board members.  If physically meeting is difficult, consider meeting before a regular meeting or via conference call.  Conferencing services are available, just ask.

          Preparing and Running Chapter Board Meetings:  The Chapter President should send out a reminder out of an upcoming board meeting a week in advance along with an agenda. Understanding that the Chapter Board members are potential replacements for your position, we recommend rotating the management of the meeting to give each board member an opportunity to be a facilitator. Always copy/invite your mentor to your board meetings just in case she can attend. 

          Leads and Referrals


          An important part of our organization is the support element through leads and referrals.  It's important that we are encouraging all members to submit leads and referrals either using the paper form during the meetings or via our online referral systems.  

          Lead:  An idea of someone that the other member should consider contacting but no introduction has been made. 

          Referral:  Contact has been made with the other party and they are expecting a call/email/contact.  

          We ask that the Chapter President keep track of the number of leads and referrals that each person/chapter submits and to report out the number of leads and referrals that are given out year to date.  "From the last meeting to this meeting, 15 leads/referrals have been given which puts us at 101 year to date.  Our biggest referrer is Sandy Smith."  Chapter Presidents are copied on all leads/referrals that are submitted online and the yellow slip is given to the chapter president for leads/referrals passed during meetings.  

          Lead and referral slips are available from the home office.  Just email us.  


          Meeting attendance is a critical part of being member as it gives our members the biggest potential of building relationships, receiving education and giving/receiving leads and referrals.  To that end, our attendance policy is one that is understanding that "life happens" but does ensure that a member isn't skipping meetings to their own detriment. 

          • Miss one meeting:  Ok.
          • Miss two meetings in a row:  Membership Chair contacts member. 
          • Miss three meetings in a row:  Member can be dismissed. 
          • Miss multiple meetings within a year:  Member can be dismissed.  

          We have a leave of absence program for those members who have a personal or family emergency and need to take up to three months off.  If a member needs to take a leave of absence, they can complete our Online LOA Form.  

          Social Networking

          A huge part of our on-going communication is the social networking that we conduct and this includes groups like Google, Yahoo and Facebook provide.  We have a group page for all members to belong for WNA and MNA.  We invite you to like and follow both pages.  On this page are updates on our activities at a national level, inspirational quotes and business tips/articles.  We also invite you to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIN.

          The role of the Events and Communication Chair is to manage all communication to and from the chapter and this includes social networking groups, pages and events.  Please ensure to make Debbie Quintana, our founder, an "owner" of the page and invite all of the National Board Members.  The home office will create graphics for your cover and support your social networking efforts.  

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